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Rome Fragrance | Reef Diffuser


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Rome fragrance is a beautifully balanced fragrance that takes you to the great city of Rome. Rome fragrance starts with citrus top notes, including Bergamot orange and mandarin with the freshness of apple. The middle notes have a marine influence with sea salt complemented with tobacco leaf and rosewood. A wood base of patchouli, cedar wood, leather and musk complete the fragrance to provide an outstanding fragrance. The fragrance we think is a little bit like 50 Shades.

Rome fragrance in our Cove Candles featuring coconut and soy wax takes you one of the most exciting cities in the world. Rome is the capital and most populous city of Italy famous for its history and its vitality. Rome is the inspiration for this fragrance. Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world due to it rich history and ancient buildings.

The Reef Diffuser has a classic shape with a matt finish. The Reef Diffuser can be partnered with the Reef Candle to augmnet the natural beach colours. Partnered with a matching candle makes a great way to layer your home with fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamot Orange, Mandarin, Green Apple
Middle Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Sea Salt, Rosewood
Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Leather, Musk

The Cove Reef Diffuser is a classic diffuser design in matt glass, with quality Dacron reeds, a natural timber cap in a choice of natural colours of Sand, Sea and Surf. The eight thin Dacron reeds provide the ultimate fragrance delivery. The natural tones in the Reef Diffuser provides an option for any decor.

Consider, partnering the Reef Diffuser with a Reef Candle of the same colour to not only layer your home with one of Cove’s great fragrances, but to also have containers that complement each other as well.

The Cove Reef Diffuser is infused with a fragrance from the Men’s Collection. Men’s Collection Fragrances are inspired by great international cities. The fragrances are cosmopolitan and masculine. The Cove Diffuser is unbranded so it can be added tastefully to the most sophisticated decor.

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Sand, Sea, White


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