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About Cove

Cove Collection and Cove Naturals


Our Brand

We knew we needed a name for our products. Cove was suggested by our youngest daughter who was becoming an experienced scuba diver.

The name tied in beautifully with our mission to create natural products good for the planet and good for people as coves, bays and inlets are places that provide refuge for marine life in wild weather and a place to feed and prosper in good times.

Collection identified the fragrance collections we were developing across Beach Collection, Earth Collection, Men’s Collection and Women’s Collection. From the get go, we would give every product a name and the first were Sorrento and Byron Bay.

When we set out to print our first labels we didn’t have artwork. The printer helped us with this including designing the Cove Palm Device. A friend who is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property insisted we register the brand.

The result is that Cove, Cove Collection and the Cove Palm Device are Registered Trademarks.

Cove Portrait Square Clear

Our Collections

We created four collections from the beginning: Beach Collection, Earth Collection, Men’s Collection and Women’s Collection.

Beach Collection is our range of fragrances that cover the fragrance spectrum from citrus to floral, wood to spice.

Women’s Collection is our range of fragrances modelled on designer fragrances for Women.

Men’s Collection is our range of fragrances modelled on designer fragrances for Men. 

Earth Collection was created to cover aromatherapy products. Originally, we made candles with fragrances from essential oils. We started crafting body products using certified organic natural ingredients so we retired Earth Collection and created the Cove Naturals brand.

Cove Naturals

Our Journey

Cove started as a hobby north east of Melbourne based in the Green Wedge making and selling candles, diffusers and room sprays to family and friends. Of course production was the kitchen bench and packing was on the dinner table.

We made a sea change moving to the Mornington Peninsula about a year after we started, but this was just a different kitchen bench but a bigger table. 

The hobby was making us busier and busier. We moved from a hobby to a business, as we started selling to friends of friends, the development of a web site brought in online sales, and as our daughters made sales calls to retail outlets resulting in more and more stores.

With the growth in the business we moved production from the kitchen bench to a factory located on the Mornington Peninsula to provide suitable office, production facilities and warehouse space.

Our Innovation

Innovation is and has been a fundamental driving force.

In candles we created our own wax formulation with coconut and soy wax, way ahead of the market. Then we introduced a range of designer candles to provide greater choice. We continue to innovate with new and exciting fragrances.

Fast forward, and we introduced Cove Naturals leveraging the work in developing 100% natural baby and body products. The Earth Collection moniker really didn’t quite fit this fast growing part of the business.

We continue to develop innovative products to satisfy gaps in the market or to produce simply superior products that offer value for money. Many of our Cove Naturals have been created from customer requests.

Innovation has included implementing a sophisticated ecommerce system with WooCommerce to support online and retail sales. It seems we never stop adding to and improving it.


Our Environment

Being environmentally aware was common sense when we started. Now caring for the environment is the responsibility of all of us.

From the very first candle, our objective is to produce high quality and great value products that are people and environmentally friendly.

From day one we started with simple packaging that is easily recyclable or repurposed. In our large candle containers, we reuse the packaging that the candles arrive in.

The classic white box with a simple black border has a removable label so it can be reused. Our candle containers can be recycled or repurposed and used in the home for storage etc. All our containers, whether pump sprays, jars or tins are recyclable and are sold in minimalist packaging if at all.

Candle wax is soy and coconut which are renewable resources. In Cove Naturals all ingredients are plant based and from renewable sources.